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Top Regional Club Gymnasts Advance to JO Nationals

Posted on 13 April 2011 by admin

Hard to believe that the 2011 JO Nationals are only three weeks away.  Most of the regional club meets are in the books, and congratulations to all those who have qualified.  When you figure that approximately only about 7% of all gymnasts ever make it to the optional levels, it’s a very significant achievement to qualify for JO Nationals.  This year’s extravaganza will take place in Long Beach, CA.  If you’ve never been there, you’ll be very impressed with the overall setting in the downtown area.  The convention center sits on the waterfront area and is adjacent to a myriad of hotels, restaurants and other attractions, all within very easy walking distance.  If you’re into fish, you’ll enjoy Long Beach’s world-class aquarium.  There is also free transportation to and from 2nd Street, which is yet another area filled with restaurants and shops.  For those with more time on your hands, you can hop on the Blue Line and venture up to downtown L.A., Hollywood or Pasadena.

Anyway, back to the regional competition.  I attended the Region 1 Championships, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  Region 1 is the only region that I know of that has two days of competition for the optional boys.  Day 1 was the all-around and team competition, and Day 2 featured event finals.  The Level 10 (16-18) division was dominated by three boys from SCATS, who took the top 3 spots.  Michigan-bound Adrian De Los Angeles (88.40) edged out teammate Jesse Glenn (88.00) for the title, and teammate Kanji Oyama placed 3rd (85.40).  De Los Angeles also brought home event titles on parallel bars and high bar.  In the 14-15 age division, WCOGA’s Travis Gollott (85.70) was very impressive in outlasting Stanford Boys Gymnastics’ Andrew Botto (84.40) and South Coast’s Timmy Wang (84.40).  Gollott has emerged as serious challenger for the national title.  Azarian’s Marty Strech successfully defended his Level 9 title (83.50 over North Valley’s Matthew Whitaker (78.60) and Vitaly Scherbo’s Vadim Ivanov (78.45).  The Level 9 group was highly competitive, as less than 2 points separated places 2 through 10.  Ten-year-old Nikita Bolotsky shined in his Level 9 regional debut, as he tied for 7th place (77.70) and had the highest floor score (14.25) on Day 1.

Most, if not all, of the Cal Men’s Gymnastics team was in attendance throughout the weekend.  Their mission, in addition to supporting their club buddies, was to help raise funds to save their program.  On Saturday night, it was announced that they had raised over $30,000 in pledges.  These guys are working their butts off to save their program.  They deserve nothing less.  Be sure to follow @CalGymForever on Twitter.

Level 10 (16-18):

  1. Adrian De Los Angeles (SCATS) – 88.40
  2. Jesse Glenn (SCATS) – 88.00
  3. Kanji Oyama (SCATS) – 85.40
  4. William Clement (Cal Sports Ctr) – 85.35
  5. Kyle Banks (Diamond Elite) – 85.30

Level 10 (14-15):

  1. Travis Gollott (WCOGA) – 85.70
  2. Andrew Botto (Stanford) – 84.40
  3. Timmy Wang (South Coast) – 84.40
  4. Allan Bower (Xtreme) – 83.75
  5. Yordan Aleksandrov (Redwood Empire) – 81.95

Level 9:

  1. Marty Strech (Azarian) – 83.50
  2. Matthew Whitaker (North Valley) – 79.60
  3. Vadim Ivanov (VSSG) – 78.45
  4. Andrew Herrador (WCOGA) – 78.10
  5. Emyre Cole (Go For It) – 78.10

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The NCAA men’s gymnastics championships take place this weekend.  The action begins on Thursday with two sessions of qualifying.  On Friday, the team championships and all-around competition takes place, and the action concludes with event finals on Saturday.

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