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StickItMedia Spotlight: Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics

Posted on 21 August 2009 by admin

Six-time Olympic gold medalist, Vitaly Scherbo, opened his successful Las Vegas gym a little over ten years ago.  Scherbo and compulsory head coach, Radi Shopski, have been very busy mentoring a tremendous pipeline of future optional gymnasts.  The level 7 boys work out six days/week for a total of 18 hours, and the level 5-6 boys work out six days/week for a total of 15.5 hours.  This schedule is above average for the typical gym, but it is paying off with handsome dividends.

The Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics (VSSG) is proud to have produced five state champions this past season:

  • Level 5 – Brock Prince (93.20) and Aleksandr Skankey (91.70)
  • Level 6 – Nikita Bolotsky (92.90) and Brandon Black (89.30)
  • Level 7 – Bradley Collet (87.60)

At the 2009 Region I Championships, this squad produced four regional champions:

  • Level 5 – Brock Prince (92.60) and Aleksandr Skankey (92.00)
  • Level 6 – Nikita Bolotsky (92.90) and Brandon Black (90.60)

Another level 7 to point out is 2008 Region I level 5 champ, Carter Patterson, who started the season as a level 6, and won the Valeri Liukin Invitational back in December 2008.  His high All-Around score of 92.70 seemed to indicate that he was obviously ready for the next level.  With just three weeks to learn all new routines, Patterson made his level 7 debut at the Vitaly Scherbo Invitational in January, where he placed an impressive 5th place with an All-Around score of 86.70.  He ended up placing 3rd at State (87.60) and 6th place at Regionals (87.60), where he also finished 2nd on parallel bars (15.75) in the event finals.

To demonstrate how devoted he is to his young squad, Coach Radi went far above the call of duty to write a testimonial letter for Patterson, who needed it to gain acceptance into a private school.  As Patterson’s parents described it, Radi would be about to hand over the letter of recommendation to them, only to take it back several times and laboriously rework it until it was perfect.  Three days of Radi’s efforts apparently helped Patterson gain admission into the school.

Another example of devotion occurred during a road trip for one of the boys’ meets.  Coach Scherbo learned that it was one of the boys’ birthdays, and the boy was traveling without his family.  Scherbo thoughtfully went out and bought a surprise birthday cake and ice cream, so the boy could celebrate on the road with his teammates.

Vitaly Scherbo and Radi Shopski are providing their boys with great coaching and great exposure to excellent competition.  Over the past couple of seasons, the VSSG boys have traveled to Texas, Northern/Southern California and to Northern Nevada for various meets, staying sharp and focused.  Aside from the big Las Vegas winter invitational in his own backyard, the Blackjack Open/Winter Cup, Scherbo has his own well-produced invitational.  VSSG has relied on a lot of reciprocation on the part of various gyms that choose to travel to their meets, in return for the opportunity to play host at their own meet.  This is very healthy for the sport.

Keep your eyes on VSSG.  As these boys progress to the optional level, we doubt if you will be able to avoid them.

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  1. Brad Black Says:

    Brandon Black recieved a 90.3 AA score

  2. admin Says:

    Sorry Brad… we posted the wrong regional score for Brandon. He actually got a 90.60!

  3. Brad Black Says:

    Thank you

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