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Sho Time with Sho Nakamori’s New Blog

Posted on 04 June 2009 by admin

Stanford All-American gymnast, Sho Nakamori, has launched a new blog that will chronicle his quest to make the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team.  The blog, while new, is jam-packed with interesting information about Nakamori’s life, interests, and hopes.

His about page is a very interesting bio including his fond memories of being coached by his father at Stanford’s gym during his early years in the sport.  Hard work enabled him to become a member of the Junior National Team and to make his subsequent decision to move to Colorado Springs to train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.  It was there that he suffered not only physical injury but the emotional trauma of losing his father.  Nakamori ended up full circle back at Stanford where he continued his storied gymnastics career.

Nakamori’s gymnastics page is devoted to the FIG’s Code of Points and the art of judging.  Many of you may not know that he is an accredited judge, and most recently was the floor judge for the club competition at the 2009 Stanford Open.  It was a real treat for the young clubbers when he passed out all the medals at the awards ceremony.

The multimedia page has many photos of Nakamori during MPSF competition, with the promise of more photos to come at the 2009 NCAA Championships.  We hope there will also be videos!

The results page is a great chronological account of his gymnastics achievements, ranging from his early club years, through international competition, to his NCAA exploits.

Nakamori has a news page that highlights much of the coverage he has received from various well-known national media sources.

In addition to a Twitter section, Nakamori has a how to sponsor Sho page that encourages potential sponsors to schedule him for public speaking engagements, and solicits PayPal donations from his devoted fans.  Due to Chevron’s departure from gymnastics sponsorship, our guys are going to need a lot of financial help on the road to London 2012.

Please check it out.  It’s a great blog and is guaranteed to inform and entertain in the months and years ahead.  StickItMedia wishes Sho Nakamori much luck and success in his quest for 2012.

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