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Score Changes in USA Men’s Gymnastics?

Posted on 10 September 2017 by admin

By Shelli Koszdin

A recent article about the culture of USAG had some words about the U.S. men’s program that have me very concerned.

From USAG sexual abuse scandal is a symptom of deeper issues

”I witnessed this dynamic in the men’s program. There were instances where scores were changed that effected (sic) the outcomes of meets, athletes found their own sponsors and suffered scrutiny for doing so, favoritism was given to certain athletes.” (emphasis added).

Score changes can happen for legitimate reasons. The judges don’t arrive at the correct D score, the athlete and his coach protest the result, and the score gets changed. Sometimes this does affect the outcome of the meet. I’ve seen this happen many times and it’s how the system should work. If judges make an error, the score needs to be changed.

Because this statement appeared in a post about the dysfunctional culture of USAG, it does make me wonder if something more went on than simply a coach protesting a D score.

If so, that “something more” needs to be fully investigated and the proper actions taken.

Fairness and integrity are of the utmost importance in all sports.

The numbers in gymnastics scores are generated by the human brain, and as such they are always going to be uncertain.

What these numbers must never be allowed to be are lies.


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