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Random Thoughts on Men’s Gymnastics – 6/13/11

Posted on 13 June 2011 by admin

We finally got to see the list of summer international assignments, published by USAG late last week. No real surprises, and they should provide a good warm-up for VISAs.  Headlining the assignments, are those for the Japan Cup.  Jonathan Horton and Danell Leyva will be joined by Alex Naddour, Steven Legendre and John Orozco.  It’s assumed that Horton, Leyva and Naddour will be competing all-around, since each team entered will have three gymnasts competing on all six.  This will be Orozco’s first big meet since tearing his achilles at VISAs last summer.  He has been training at the Olympic Training Center for the past several months.  Japan Cup will take place July 2-3 in Tokyo.

The following weekend will be the Puerto Rico Cup and the Korea Cup.  The six-man roster for the U.S. in San Juan will feature Brandon Wynn, Andrew Elkind, Tyler Mizoguchi, Dylan Akers, Sam Mikulak and Adrian de los Angeles.  Five gymnasts will compete all-around, and it will be interesting to find out who those five will be.  Brandon Wynn apparently plans to compete all-around at VISAs, but we’re not sure if he will in Puerto Rico.  Representing the U.S. in Goyang will be Jesse Silverstein and Sean Melton.  The format there will be individual competition.

A whole slew of club gymnasts are graduating from high school this month, but I bet Stacey Ervin was the only one who did a back tuck immediately after receiving his diploma.  Click here to watch it.

We’ve mentioned it before, but if you haven’t yet seen Michigan gymnast Syque Caesar’s Men’s Gymnastics Channel on ShortForm, you’re missing out.  Caesar’s channel is a huge compilation of men’s gymnastics videos that he continues to add to on a regular basis.  This is an internship project for Caesar, and he’s trying to gain as many pageviews as he can.  He talks about it over at Gymnastike. Let’s all help him out!

Both the Senior and Junior National Teams had back-to-back training camps the past couple of weeks at the OTC in Colorado Springs.  That location will feature the VISA qualifier early next month.  The start list should be made available by the end of this month.

If you have any questions to ask Stanford Gymnastics alumnus and tech startup entrepreneur Jason Shen, you can do it here. He posts all replies on Twitter.

On a non-gymnastics note, Cal’s baseball team has advanced to the prestigious College World Series in Omaha.  This incredible feat comes on the heels of a ridiculous ordeal the program had to endure to save its future.  I would imagine the Berkeley bean counters, dufuses and Title IX geeks who tried to shut down the baseball and men’s gymnastics programs are feeling even more sheepish by now.  Seven Cal players were drafted in the recent Major League Baseball draft.  Well done, Bears!

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  1. Ono No Komachi Says:

    Only two gymnasts will compete the All Around at the Japan Cup.

    If the same format is used as in the past, the team competition does not act as the qualifying competition for the AA. Each country will choose who to start in the AA.

    The team format is 5 men, 3 up, 3 count. It will be whatever combination of people will yield the best score. Horton might not even do horse in the team competition, considering he probably has the lowest SV on that event of any of the men selected for the Japan Cup team. PH will probably be Naddour, Orozco, and Leyva.

    The AA will be Jon Horton and some other guy. A case could be made for any of the other four.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for clarifying that, Ono. The “other guy” will be either Leyva or Naddour. Any idea what the deadline is for that decision?

  3. Ono No Komachi Says:

    “Any idea what the deadline is for that decision?”
    I don’t know, but in past competitions it was announced pretty close to the event. I guess we will find out when the time comes.

    The second person will probably be Leyva. It wasn’t last year, because, well, he decided not to go. Naddour and Legendre are pretty close together as far as AA scoring potential goes. It won’t matter for the AA if the latter isn’t great on horse as long as he makes up for it somewhere else. His big problem is his history having some issues hitting on floor surfaces he isn’t accustomed to. I hope before it’s all over that gets worked out. I was sort of surprised Jake Dalton wasn’t selected for this team.

    If I had to bet money, I’d pick Orozco. USAG might let him try it just to see what happens. He must have impressed somebody, as he was selected for this despite not being officially a member of the senior national team and having only competed a couple of events at the Houston invite since his injury.

  4. admin Says:

    Interesting about Orozco. Doubt it would be a big deal for Leyva if he doesn’t compete AA. I’m certain Orozco is champing at the bit, and doing AA in Japan would be a great warm-up for VISAs.

  5. Casey K Says:

    Dalton declined.

  6. Ono No Komachi Says:

    Thanks for the intel. I wasn’t sort of surprised he wasn’t on the team, I was really surprised.

    I hope it isn’t because of silly fears of Japanese radiaton. The Japan Cup is being held in the same stadium and with the same equipement as is Worlds, so whoever goes will get an opportunity to get familiar with that.

  7. Casey K Says:

    Since two of his teammates are going, I doubt it’s fear of anything in Japan. Just know he was invited but decided not to go.

  8. Ono No Komachi Says:

    Well, Orozco won’t be doing the AA in Japan, as he said in an interview he won’t be ready for floor and vault until VISAs.

    So AA will in Japan will probably be Horton and Leyva.

  9. admin Says:

    Orozco is looking good on PH & PB. I’m sure he’ll be ready to do all 6 at VISAs.

  10. Casey K Says:

    Orzoco is not only a serious contender for 2012, he could totally challenge Horton.

  11. Ono No Komachi Says:

    Can’t wait for Nationals – the three “new shooters” – Mikulak, Maestes, and Orozco are going to surprise a lot of people.

  12. admin Says:

    I have a strong feeling that a major shake-up is in the works, and that things will be far from settled even perhaps after Worlds. 5 spots are up for grabs next year, and the competition and “politicking” for 2-3 of them will be fierce. Nationals will provide a great preview for next year. Yes, the “new shooters” will be in the mix!

  13. Ono No Komachi Says:

    I agree with the first statement – major upset in the offing for Nationals, and these new guys are probably going to keep improving in the drive towards 2012.

    AND none of the “new shooters” are terrible on horse.

    Too bad Dalton is so horrible on horse. Otherwise he could hope for an Olympic AA medal.

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