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New Quad to Bring Changes to Men’s JO Gymnastics Program

Posted on 04 October 2011 by admin

Following the 2012 Olympics, a new quad will be ushered in.  Tweaks to the code of points are among the rumored changes.  Much discussion is going on about the upcoming changes to the men’s JO program.  It appears that the current compulsory program (levels 4-7) will remain roughly the same.  The big changes will be made to the optional program.  Please keep in mind that nothing has been made official, and the following information is based on past and current discussion gleaned from various sources.  Level 8 will become the new Level 9, which might end up with two separate age groups — ages 11 & 12 and ages 13 & 14.  Level 9 will become the new junior Level 10 — ages 15 & 16.  Level 10 will be for 17 and 18 year-olds.  All four optional groups will have two separate tracks, such as subdivision A and subdivision B.

Now this is where it becomes interesting.  The makeup of these subdivisions supposedly will be determined at the state meet level.  The gymnasts will be required to complete separate “technical” and “optional” routines.  It is surmised that a weighted average of these two separate routines will compose the final score.  The top scoring gymnasts would go on to compete in subdivision A at their respective regional meets, while the remaining gymnasts would compete in subdivision B.  At regionals, both subdivisions would again complete separate “technical” and “optional” routines.  The top gymnasts in both subdivisions would qualify for JO Nationals.  There, the whole process would be repeated, with the top qualifiers going on to the VISA U.S. Championships.  The assumption being that these qualifiers would most likely all consist of “subdivision A” competitors.  In essence, “subdivision A” would become the “elite” track.  It is unknown whether or not Level 8 gymnasts would be included at VISAs.

Ongoing discussions seem to favor having separate “technical” and “optional” routines.  The technical sequence is being created to force the optional gymnasts to improve and clean up basic skills.  The thinking is that too many optional gymnasts, while having more advanced skills, are now demonstrating less than optimal form on many of the basic skills.  As for the two subdivisions, the thinking is that this will allow for more qualifiers to nationals, while clearly creating a defined “elite” track.

Click here to see document for proposed changes (dated July 2010)

At least three other U.S. collegiate gymnasts have made the trek to compete at the Tokyo World Championships.  Thanks to @CalMensGym for linking to a story about Christian and Jean Monteclaro. The Cal juniors will be competing for the Philippines, accompanied by Bryan Del Castillo, who will be their coach.  Representing Bangladesh will be Michigan All-Big 10 senior Syque Caesar. We hope to get some updates from Caesar, detailing his experience.  No doubt he’ll be sending out some tweets.

Speaking of tweets, Brandon Wynn is now on Twitter.  Well, according to his account, he signed up earlier this year.  He recently tweeted to announce his new blog. Be sure to check it out.  Wynn will be competing at the PanAm Games later this month.

Though it hasn’t been officially announced, six junior gymnasts have been selected to take part in a week-long training camp in Beijing.  Following the camp, a friendly competition will take place between the U.S. men and the Chinese.  The six members of the U.S. Junior National Team making the trip are Jake Martin, Jesse Glenn, Max Mayr, Jonathan Deaton, Timmy Wang and Trevor Howard.

Good luck to the U.S. men in Tokyo!  The qualifying rounds are on 10/9 and 10/10, team finals on 10/12, all-around finals on 10/14 and the event finals on 10/15-10/16.  No webcast for the qualifying rounds, and it will cost $19.95 to access Universal Sports’ live and archived webcasts for everything else.  Sadly, NBC will not televise any of the men’s action, other than providing highlights during the women’s event finals coverage.

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