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Legendre and Ruggeri Each Win Two Event Titles at 2009 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championships

Posted on 18 April 2009 by admin

With the pressure of the team competition out of the way, Saturday night’s event finals enabled the gymnasts to let it rip.  They were competing on their best events and the prizes were for national championship and/or All-American status.  The evening’s spotlight shone on Oklahoma’s Steven Legendre and Ilinois’ Paul Ruggeri as they each brought home two national titles in impressive and exciting fashion.

The floor competition was very tight, but Legendre was able to successfully defend his national title with a 15.625.  Only a half-tenth of a point separated him from his teammate and third place finisher, Chris Brooks.  Ruggeri captured second place, only .025 behind (15.60).

Pommel horse was outstanding, with six gymnasts scoring over 15.00.  In the end, perhaps the most exciting competitor of the entire meet, Illinois’ Daniel Ribeiro, prevailed with a 15.575.  Ohio State nailed down second and third with great routines by Steven Spencer (15.475) and Ty Echard (15.45).  Ribeiro solidified his standing as the NCAA’s top competitor on the horse.  His 16.00 on Thursday night is the nation’s highest score of the season on that event, proving that he is world class.

Cal’s Evan Roth blew away an impressive rings field with a very nice 15.60.  That was more than enough to outlast Michigan’s Phillip Goldberg (15.40) and Stanford’s Nick Noone (15.275).

In the evening’s most thrilling event, Legendre was the last competitor on vault, needing to surpass Iowa’s Geoff Reins’ 16.30.  Mr. Clutch pulled it out remarkably with a 16.35 to successfully defend his vault title.  Stanford’s Tim Gentry also made it tough for Legendre by posting a 16.175.

Ruggeri earned his first national title of the evening on high bar, when he overwhelmed the rest of the field with a very impressive 15.75.  Michigan’s Thomas Kelley, the Big 10 All-Around Champion, finished a distant second (15.275), followed by Stanford’s Alex Buscaglia’s 14.875.  Ruggeri’s victory enabled him to successfully defend his high bar crown.

Cal’s Kyle Brady led most of the contest on parallel bars with a 15.075, but Ruggeri pulled a convincing 15.175 to cement his second national title.  Kelley ended up in third place (14.675).

The top 8 finishers on each event earn All-American status.


  1. Steven Legendre (OU) – 15.625
  2. Paul Ruggeri (IL) – 15.60
  3. Chris Brooks (OU) – 15.575


  1. Daniel Ribeiro (IL) – 15.575
  2. Steven Spencer (OSU) – 15.475
  3. Ty Echard (OSU) – 15.45


  1. Evan Roth (Cal) – 15.60
  2. Phillip Goldberg (MI) – 15.40
  3. Nick Noone (ST) – 15.275


  1. Steven Legendre (OU) -16.325
  2. Geoff Reins (IA) – 16.30
  3. Tim Gentry (ST) – 16.175


  1. Paul Ruggeri (IL) – 15.175
  2. Kyle Brady (Cal) – 15.075
  3. Thomas Kelley (MI) – 14.675


  1. Paul Ruggeri (IL) – 15.75
  2. Thomas Kelley (MI) – 15.275
  3. Alex Buscaglia (ST) – 14.875


Here’s another reminder to set your DVRs next Thursday, April 23 at 3:00pm EDT on ESPN2.  ESPNU will broadcast the action again on Saturday, April 25 at 4:00pm EDT.  Both broadcasts will feature the Team Finals and All-Around Finals.

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. TCO Says:

    half of a tenth is what you mean. Not half of a point.

  2. admin Says:

    TCO – Thanks for that…correction has been made.

  3. MGymnast Says:

    It sounds like it was an amazingly intense finals… will it be on TV?! It looks like there is a new wave of horse men with Ribeiro, the two OSU boys, Glen, and even Illini’s luke. It’s nice to see that maybe there will be some US talent on horse in the near future.

  4. admin Says:

    MG, the men’s finals/all-around finals will be broadcast on ESPN2 on Thursday, April 23 at 3:00pm EDT. Set your DVR! You’re right about the new wave of horsemen. It’s great to see and Team USA should be all set on that event in 2012. There are also some good club guys on horse who will be highly competitive when they go to college… Hernandez, Mikulak, et al.

  5. TCO Says:

    But more critical is that Legendre still has not passed Brooks for the OU record. I bet it must be chapping his ass…

  6. admin Says:

    He’s got 2 more seasons!

  7. MGymnast Says:

    how about the individual finals though? will they be televised. I really want to see legendre and reins on vault. I’ve heard reins should have one. Also the same situation with Floor (legendre and paul). I really just want to see it for myself!

  8. admin Says:

    MG, I doubt the event finals will be televised, unless ESPN2 decides to add it at the end of the broadcast. The broadcast itself is only scheduled for 90 minutes… not much time. We’d like to see the event finals, too. Might have to rely on youtube to see floor and vault finals. Reins gets a 16.30 mid-way through the rotation, and Legendre gets a 16.325 as the last man to go… that’s a very tough call. But it sure was exciting to see that score pop up. Check out Ruggeri’s high bar… he hit 4 releases and had a nice, clean routine. Many of the others went for broke and paid the price…3 all-americans had scores below 14.00. Next season’s all-around competition will be more fierce than it was this season.

  9. Ono No Komachi Says:

    TCO, which OU record are you referring to? Vault? Legendre does have the OU record for vault now.

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