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Karnes, Hong, Hale & Petrosyan Win Level 8/9 Junior Elite Titles

Posted on 14 May 2017 by admin

Once again, technical sequences were no equalizer in the Junior Elite finals, and the first day leaders easily hung on to win AA titles.  2016 Level 8 champion Joshua Karnes was a repeat winner as a 12-year-old.  Karnes (139.75) had six top-4 placements, including the top scores on three events (FX, SR, HB) to win out over Caden Clinton (136.45) and Sebastian Kane (135.70).  The other event champs were Clinton (PH), Lucas Daniels (VT) and Reece Landsperger (PB).  Now a two-time JO Nationals AA champion and YouTube phenom, Karnes will be a fun one to watch as he climbs through the ranks.

Asher Hong, the 2015 Level 8 (age 11) JE champion, won his second JO Nationals title prevailing in the Level 9 (age 13) division.  Hong (138.65) was the top event scorer on three events (T1st-FX, PH, SR) to edge runner-up Ian Lasic-Ellis (137.20) and Fredrick Richard (135.45).  Lasic-Ellis earned a couple of event titles (PB, HB) and Eric Upton grabbed one on VT.  Two-time winner Hong is another one to watch.

Dallas Hale (138.95) won two events (SR, PB) to earn his first JO Nationals AA title over Nicolas Kuebler (137.40) and Isaiah Drake (137.20) in the Level 9 (age 14) division.  4th place finisher Taylor Burkhart (136.70) was a triple event winner (FX, T1st-VT, HB), while Brandon Nguyen earned a share of the VT title.

Vahe Petrosyan (135.25) rode his triple event-winning scores (FX, PB, HB) to victory over Maxwell Odden (133.50) and Bobby Alessio (131.70) in the Level 8 (age 11) division.  Odden (VT), Kai Uemura (PH) and Xander Hong (SR) were also event winners.

A total of 14 Level 8/9 JE gymnasts were selected to the Junior National Team.  11 of them earned inclusion based on their rank-order finish at JO Nationals.  The other 3 will be selected by a committee.  Here are the 11 gymnasts, based on their rank-order finish:

  • Joshua Karnes (Level 8 – age 12)
  • Caden Clinton (Level 8 – age 12)
  • Sebastian Kane (Level 8 – age 12)
  • Vahe Petrosyan (Level 8 – age 11)
  • Asher Hong (Level 9 – age 13)
  • Ian Lasic-Ellis (Level 9 – age 13)
  • Fredrick Richard (Level 9 – age 13)
  • Dallas Hale (Level 9 – age 14)
  • Nicolas Kuebler (Level 9 – age 14)
  • Isaiah Drake (Level 9 – age 14)
  • Taylor Burkhart (Level 9 – age 14)

The 2017 JO Nationals concluded with the Level 8/9 JO finals.  All three first day leaders remained on top of the leader board.  Matthew Romalia (155.70) coasted over Ian Dinmore (150.35) and Caden Spencer (149.85) to win the Level 9 (age 14) title.  Romalia was paced by two event-winning scores on SR and VT, also had five top-3 finishes.  Spencer and 4th-place finisher Andrew Kasper (148.10) earned event titles on HB and PH, respectively.  Noah Dhaliwal took high honors on PB.  Palmer Wright (147.20) prevailed in a close battle with Finley Stearn (146.80) and Jesse-Lee Pakele (146.40).  Earning national event titles were Palmer (T1st-SR), double winner Pakele (FX, PH), Justin Campbell (VT) and Nathan Couture (PB).

Colin Flores (152.00) led from start to finish to win the Level 8 (age 12) AA title over Elliot Foster (149.80) and Flores’ twin brother Tyler (149.15).  Colin Flores was a double winner on PB and HB.  Alan Sovrebov and Rowan Dumond shared the FX title, and Tate Denure (SR) and Maurice Thomas (VT) were victors on their respective events.

The 2018 JO Nationals will be held in Oklahoma City.  Have a feeling a live stream will be in the offing!




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