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Is Cal Men’s Gymnastics in Jeopardy?

Posted on 13 June 2010 by admin

We’ve been hearing rumblings about the possible demise of the Cal Men’s Gymnastics program.  Even the women’s program is also presumedly on the chopping block.  In light of all the budget cuts and the state’s overall fiscal degradation, both programs’ subsidization is ruffling the tender feathers of the more militant, sports-averse members of the school’s faculty.  Apparently Cal’s athletic department racked up a $1.7 million deficit this past year and received a loan from the school’s general fund.  We’ve heard that the guillotine is poised over five men’s sports programs right now, making us wonder why men’s sports are being singled out.  If only it were Title IX’s ugly head on the block.

Adding to the alarm was discovering Coach Barry Weiner’s retirement after this past season, along with the resignation of Assistant Coach Aaron Floyd.  Liz Miles, a staunch supporter of the men’s program, is, for unknown reasons, no longer the Assistant Athletic Director.  What the hell is going on?

We hear a decision about men’s and women’s gymnastics will be made next month.  Elimination of Cal’s men’s gymnastics would be devastating for the team, the state, and NCAA men’s gymnastics as a whole.  Locally, it would have a huge negative affect on Stanford’s program.  It would leave Stanford as the only men’s Division I gymnastics program west of the Rockies.

Cal Men’s Gymnastics is prestigious.  It’s consistently one of the top collegiate programs in the country.  Recently, Cal alum Tim McNeill was chosen to represent the United States at last year’s World Championships in London.  McNeill and current team members Glen Ishino and Kyle Bunthuwong, all three members of the Senior National Team, have legitimate aspirations to make the 2012 Olympic Team.

The NCAA just released their report on the Athletic Progress Rate (APR) for every Division I athletic program.  Cal’s men’s gymnastics team achieved a perfect score.  Men’s gymnastics consistently has one of the highest rates of academic achievement of any NCAA sport.  Just why are the tenured sports-averse academics at Berkeley picking on the men’s gymnastics team? Why not eliminate some of the less-useful social degree programs?

Looking at the big picture, the Pac-10 will soon be expanding to as many as sixteen teams.  This expansion will attract better competition and a huge television contract.  Cal’s athletic department will no doubt generate a consistent profit in future years.  Now is not the time to eliminate a high-profile Olympic program. Let’s be wise, ride out the state’s fiscal woes, and see how well the Pac-10’s expansion plays out.

Update: We’ve been given a donations link. If everyone who cares about the great sport of men’s gymnastics in the USA would donate $10 to the Cal men’s gymnastics program right now, we could save this valued program!  Email this article to gymnasts and their families.  We can stop this!

Click here to donate to save the Cal men’s gymnastics program.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Rick McCharles Says:

    Terrible, terrible news.

  2. Ono No Komachi Says:

    The Cal Women’s Program is somewhat troubled from what I hear. It would be a shame if they dragged the boys down with them because of Title lX.

    This is not the way things are supposed to work.

  3. Liz Says:

    The guys are so talented and hard working— and bring home the titles, even aspire for the Olympics. Why should anyone take their good work into question?

  4. Kristin Says:

    This donation link will take you straight to the men’s gymnastics

    Thank you for helping us Bears to save out gymnastics team.

  5. Aaron Says:

    This is a tragedy. Please spread the news and do what you can to help out these student athletes. A program of such caliber with olympic level athletes cannot be lost!

  6. Kristin Says:

    Help save the Cal Men’s Program
    Visit the official site:

    There are links to donate to the program and a template for the letter writing campaign. It is believed that loosing Cal will be the first domino in the final demise of men’s collegiate gymnastics

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