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Growth of Men’s NCAA Sports Relative to Population Size in 1981

Posted on 09 May 2017 by admin

By Shelli Koszdin

Yes, you read that right. Growth in the number of men’s NCAA sports teams. Most of them, that is.  Some of this was due to teams migrating from the NAIA to the NCAA, but men’s teams have also been added.

By far the largest growth has been in the sport of Lacrosse. Is there something the men’s gymnastics community can learn from Lacrosse? I believe there is. The Lacrosse community is concerned with adding teams, but some of their strategies could be applicable to preventing men’s gymnastics teams from being dropped. According to the Growth Blog (the name alone tells you a lot about where Lacrosse is headed) –  “…At the highest level of college lacrosse, at the end of the day, money and power talks… Without a large influx of money and power and a very supportive executive administration, lax ain’t happening, simple as that.. All the other variables it can be argued are just window dressing.”

Sure, men’s gymnastics isn’t Lacrosse. After all, Lacrosse is the fastest growing high school sport.  Guys don’t have to start playing when they are five and train nearly as many hours to be even a mediocre player. Lacrosse uses the same basic format and playing space as many other popular team sports. But even with all those advantages, the bottom line is still the bottom line.








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