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Davis Grooms (LV9), Nikita Bolotsky (LV8) Top Qualifiers at Men’s JO Nationals

Posted on 04 May 2013 by admin

Although it didn’t quite generate the same fireworks as last night’s Level 10 qualifier, Friday’s Level 8 and Level 9 optional qualifier produced some historic results. It was the inaugural JO Nationals competition for the newly created age-specific Level 8 division. As it turns out, this was probably the new quad’s best change. The Level 8 (age 11-12) division was partly created to increase participation at JO Nationals, and it certainly accomplishes moving more boys into the optional ranks a little earlier. Level 8 is basically a watered-down version of Level 9, where the boys are required to perform three element groups per apparatus, as opposed to Level 9’s five element groups. It’s a great way to introduce optionals to the younger gymnasts.

Winning the Level 8 qualifying round was the heavily favored Nikita Bolotsky (76.90), edging out Brandon Briones (75.75) and Joshua Davis (75.05). Regions 1 and 3 had three qualifiers place in the top 10. Bolotsky was a top 10 Level 9 finisher at last year’s JO Nationals as an 11-year-old, and he also competed Level 9 the previous year. He had four top-5 finishes, including being the top qualifier on SR (13.40).

Last year’s top 3 Level 9 finishers at JO Nationals were today’s top qualifiers. The Level 9 qualifying round had all three of its top 3 finishers compete at the same time in the day’s opening session, and there they remained until the completion of the evening session. This time, the roles were reversed. 2012 defending champion Cameron Bock (81.85) ended up in the 3rd spot, while last year’s 3rd place finisher Davis Grooms (82.90) posted the day’s top score. Matthew Wenske (82.25) again reprised the 2nd position. Grooms tallied the day’s top scores on SR (14.50) and HB (13.90), while Wenske took top honors on FX (14.80). Bock had top 5 placements on VT (13.50) and PB (14.20).

Sunday’s technical sequences should be interesting for these two levels, and it will be interesting to compare their performances with how they finished up at Future Stars. Grooms (13), Bolotsky (12) and Briones (11) won their respective age divisions at last November’s competition in Colorado Springs. Looking at the optional scores, the all-around titles for each level appear to be up for grabs among a handful of gymnasts.

Saturday’s competition will commence with the JO division. 24 all-around gymnasts, plus 12 qualifiers for each event will compete optional routines for the all-around title and individual event titles. The JE division, will compete in the evening session. 43 gymnasts from the Level 10 (15-16) division and 32 gymnasts from the (16-18) division, along with 12 qualifiers on each event for each age group, will compete technical sequences to determine the all-around and individual event champions.


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